Dan and the Dead

Daniel Dyer can see dead people. Yup, just like in the film, only Dan’s had the whole unquiet grave thing sussed for ages now, ever since Si came along. Who’s Si? Well, he’s one of them too — A dead person, that is — but as Si’s quick to point out, while dead people might be scary, they’re something else too: they’re still people. And when people need help, people will always pay.

What can a ghost possibly give the living?

Ah, you’ll have to read the book to find that out. All I’ll say is don’t be surprised to find Dan doing stuff most fourteen-year-olds can only dream of. Driving a car, hacking a computer and being fluent in Hungarian is only the start of it.

So now Dan’s in business, solving problems for the ‘Desperate Dead’, with a spooky sidekick and everything. Dan’s the talent, Si thinks he’s the brains of the outfit, and between them they’re pretty damn awesome. In a skin-of-Dan’s-teeth kind of way. But when Dan takes on the case of murdered teen Emeline, things take on a dramatic turn that even SI wasn’t expecting.

There are dead Victorian magicians to contend with, and a feisty ghost client who’s hard to impress, and sleazy nightclub owners with fake tans and gold polyester fluffy dice, and scary lady vicars, and more North Sea than is good for a kid whose hands are tied behind his back. And there are guns and car chases and empty tombs and drama teachers and wheelie bins and a severed finger, and Si’s certainly isn’t shy with his ‘little party trick’. You’ll have to read the book to find out what that is too.

Dan knows how to deal with the dead. All he has to do is avoid joining them.

Conceived for newly confident readers aged 10-14, Dan and the Dead is short on length but long on action. I also drew the pictures. It’s an e-book too and Dan even has his own facebook page. But don’t visit that if you have a delicate constitution.


2 thoughts on “Dan and the Dead”

  1. dan scarlett wall said:

    Dead good

  2. Thanks, Dan:)

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